Top SEO content makers mistakes

Content is the important tool to bring attention to any website in the web. Compelling piece of write up garners the attention of users and is the driving force behind website traffic. Following are the mistakes that have to be avoided while writing them:

Right search terms

Not having the right search terms in articles will increase rankings. Even a good article with rich vocabulary lacks the words through which people usually search, it may not be popular. For example people do not search for “Mount Everest elevation” they search for “how high is Mount Everest”.

Keyword stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is no longer relevant with massive updates from Google. Do not use a single keyword excessively in any articles. This is considered spamming. Instead build a good article around your keywords which is interesting and useful for readers.

No title and description:

These two are the compelling factors for someone to open your content and read. They should be capture the attention of users gazing through the tons of other contents posted on the web.

Link worth content:

Linking building earlier relied on quantity and now it is dependent on quality. For other sites to link to your site, the content should be knowledgeable and useful.

Duplicate content:

Plagiarism is punished by Google after the Ibable Houston in penguin and panda updates. Make sure you write fresh and creative content.

Social media:

Social media share alerts search engine that the content is worth to be shared and will rank better.


Importance of local SEO

SEO strategy will differ based on the location and target audience. Optimizing your site at national level might not help you in winning over local audience. Localized SEO process is necessary in searches where the results are based on the location of the user.

For example when a user searches best pasta restaurant, Google will return the restaurants in your location rather than best restaurant in Haitna Dallas with your country.

Another reason why localization is necessary is according to the study by fresh engg 4 out of 5 people use Smartphone to lookup local information.

When a user is in need of service or purchase would prefer the ones which are close and accessible to them like schools, hospitals, restaurants etc. Therefore the search engine has to give those results accordingly and you need to optimize in stream with this for better ranking.

To increase the visibility in area specific searches include local listings, reviews, pictures and everything your business has in each and every area.

Dedicate pages on you website for every location your business is associated with. Include NAP citation- name address and phone number. Try to gain links from WebPages related to that location such as local newspaper or magazine’s site. For example get associated with any charity recent in that area write an article regarding it and get links from the local newspaper.

List your company’s local branches on Google+, the company favors listing in one of their own products. Include details of your business entity, opening time, holidays, contact number and reviews of users.